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Continuing Education with U.S. Pipe and NDS

During the first few months of the New Year, our engineering department has been able to participate in multiple lunch and learns including presentations from companies such as U.S. Pipe and NDS. Both companies have a standing history of producing high quality products in the water, wastewater, storm water and flow management industries. Since 1899, U.S. Pipe has supported water and wastewater projects for governments, municipalities and commercial properties with their ductile iron pipe, restrained joint pipe, gaskets, fittings, and more. With 14 manufacturing and fabrication facilities across the U.S., they are the largest ductile iron pipe fabricator in the nation. NDS, founded in 1972, manufactured the first plastic catch basin and has continued to produce water management solutions for both residential and commercial markets ever since. As a leader in flow management, landscape irrigation and storm water management, NDS provides a wide range of products such as pavers, root barriers, valve and meter boxes, and drains.

U.S. Pipe Lunch and Learn Overview

Representing U.S. Pipe, Sales Engineer Adam Martin, P.E., PMP hosted a virtual lunch and learn for our team titled "Ductile 101". Mr. Martin took our team through the manufacturing process of their ductile iron pipe, from the initial welding of the pipe to the PSI and hydrostatic tests run to ensure that each pipe is prepared for the pressure of the project in which it will be used. Our engineers watched videos of PSI tests run on different pipes and joints while Mr. Martin pointed out the various factors that cause a joint or pipe to not hold up under certain pressures. Mr. Martin also covered the various pipe joints produced by U.S. Pipe and their applications, as well as the different coatings and linings used by the company to prevent tuberculation.

NDS Lunch and Learn Overview

Representing NDS, Specification Manager Joshua Schroeder spoke to our team about grass and gravel permeable pavers, channel drains for managing storm water and water catchment systems for use in future projects. Mr. Schroeder highlighted the primary applications and benefits of NDS' permeable paving products such as EZ-Roll Grass Pavers and EZ-Roll Gravel Pavers. He explained that the EZ-Roll Grass Pavers protects roots and prevents soil from compacting, allowing healthy grass to thrive in areas that typically have hardscaping installed. Mr. Schroeder also reviewed NDS' storm chambers and trench drains, familiarizing our engineering team with their top-of-the-line products.


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