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Christian. Patriarch. Mentor. Friend.

Words are sometimes empty. When you experience a loss of any type there seems to be an inner discourse before you begin to try and express your feelings towards it. There is often a lack of ability to substantially measure one's impact on this earth and the deeds they have done...

But for some of us, the wake that we leave is so diverse, so momentous, that the ripples from our stone will be measured for generations.

Morrie Apodaca was one of those people.

From the moment his family at GLS discovered that Morrie had journeyed before us to our Father's home, the simple outpouring of words from many of his peers was staggering.

"I always knew Morrie was the best of the best...but, I am learning so much more as I read remembrances from those of you who knew him best!

Although our departments didn’t really interact, I knew Morrie for years as the kindest, friendliest, most polite guy. Smiling all the time. He would always take time to stop and speak as he passed through Interiors...for the Root’s we all feel great loss and will miss Morrie’s kind and gentle presence tremendously" - Tamesha Root, RID

"Morrie was a great friend to me. He and I surveyed together off and on for around 4 years. In a nutshell...he was the total package with serious talent...His work ethic unparalleled. Those of you that did not know him, you missed a jewel. A more considerate man I've never met. Working with Morrie almost always led to discussions about the Lord. He taught me as much by his deed as with words. Here are a few things that are worth conveying to each of you:

  • Did you know he played bass in a rock band back in New Mexico.

  • He completely built a new engine in his Ford Bronco starting from a bare block.

  • Once we got the company survey truck stuck at the back of Brookhollow and had to walk to my house to get help...on Thanksgiving eve. He never complained.

  • He made fantastic sopapillas. I still have to recipe.

  • He canned his own jalapeño strips...awesome.

  • He used to get me to run the instrument when we set property corners in poison ivy...because I'm so allergic to it.

  • He absolutely refused to ride the 4-wheeler with another guy because it didn't look right.

  • He won a dance contest on a Caribbean cruise about 3 years ago...I saw the video...hysterical.

  • I equate a survey crew composed of Morrie and Randy Burns as the Dream Team.

  • And the stories go on and on...

With a heavy heart...." - Pat Oates - P.E.

Morrie was a phenomenal person who always listened and gave of himself. His attitude was one of servitude through a Christ like perspective, always listening and sincere in his thoughts. I am thankful that I can call him my friend and will remember him in my heart as the kind spirit he was.” - Kirk Raymond - R.P.L.S.

"Morrie always went out of his way to help and make sure you had everything you needed. He was easy going, professional and really cared about his work. Even though he was dedicated to his work, you knew his first priority was faith and family. He will be greatly missed." - Mark Strong - AIA

"Morrie was always positive and friendly to everyone. He will be greatly missed at GLS.

I spoke to client recently who Morrie had been working with, and they went on and on about how great a job he was dong for them and how great he was to work with...

Morrie was a blessing to all who were privileged to know him. I will miss him! His family will be in our prayers." - Larry Lasiter - P.E.

"Morrie was a great mentor. When I came to work and went into field for brief periods, he took time to explain and made sure I understood why we were doing the tasks at hand including level loops, keeping a field book, and detailed sketches. He was very patient and extremely thorough with his work." - John Rusk - P.E.

"I’ve only known Morrie for 5 years, but am thankful for that. I will always count it an honor to have worked with him...His name is legendary in the surveying world, but more importantly, I sincerely believe that it is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He claimed so and proved it by his works. For him, I am happy... It’s safe to assume he well and faithfully discharged his duties as the Apodaca Family Patriarch. The memory of Morrie now becomes a part of each one of us… a good part." - Jed Morris - P.E.

"Morrie was “all in” in every area of his life. Whatever he did, he did it with his whole heart. Fiercely loyal, he was devoted to God, family, and work. Many of you may not know, but every day at noon Morrie would sit in his truck and call Bev….while he ate his lunch. He explained to me that life was so precious and he cherished that time every day to spend a few minutes with his wife. And I mean EVERY day! Morrie was a hard worker who ate, slept, and breathed ‘GLS’. He took pride in how many years he had been with this company. I referred to Morrie as our “living archive”…..because he seemingly knew where every job had been filed since he had been here... To say “we will miss him in Survey” does not come close to the grim reality that is settling upon us. Morrie Lee Apodaca leaves a hole behind him. As surveyors, our task is often to “follow the footsteps” of the previous surveyor. Morrie has faithfully ran his course, he meticulously kept his notes, and he has closed his final traverse. Those following will notice large tracks left behind. He was a giant….to his family and to us." - Dean Yates - R.P.L.S.

"Morrie Apodaca came to work for Goodwin-Lasiter, Inc. on October 27, 1988. He was an exceptional and loyal employee for all 32 of those years. Throughout the years he stepped up to the challenge every time he was needed in any capacity.

There are many wonderful things you could say about Morrie:

  • He was loyal to his friends, family and employer.

  • He was extremely intelligent. One thing I remember was when Goodwin-Lasiter purchased a new surveying software some years ago, no one in the Lufkin office knew how to use it and Morrie studied it after hours and within a few days he mastered the software.

  • He was a Christian, not only in name, but his actions reflected his deep faith. He treated everyone with respect, from his clients, employers, co-workers, and those who worked under him. " - Philip Goodwin - R.P.L.S., P.E.

"Commencing August 3, 1961 in Santa Fe New Mexico a child of Morris and Baca Apodaca; Thence growing and learning the ways of a surveyor, passing through high school, enjoying music and cars along the way, finding his true love and making a life with his family, finding Jesus and receiving the teachings and doctrines thereof; Thence through the good times and tough times, leaning on his Lord, his family and friends; being loyal to a fault, a friend in all seasons for 59 years, to April 24, 2021 when Morrie reached the True Point of Beginning." - Daniel Cummins, R.P.L.S.

We grieve with his family because we were a part of it.

As a surveyor, his imprint and work on this earth will be left for generations, if not forever. As a peer, his tireless work ethic, his advice, and his friendship will outlast it all. Until we meet again...

Morrie L. Apodaca, R.P.L.S.


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