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Educational Facilities: Designing a Proper Learning Environment

Stephanie Foster, an account exec for Tarkett presented to the GLS team virtually, regarding concerns when designing education facilities. With a vast array of companies under the Tarkett umbrella, the company offers world-class flooring solutions from commercial buildings to schools and churches. GLS has incorporated several Tarkett flooring solutions into the design of educational facilities such as the Navasota ISD NELC and Johnsonite Base in the Navasota High School Building.



  1. Designing for safety

  2. Major concerns moving into the future with new technology

  3. Creating a proper learning environment

  4. Tools for designing inclusive and productive education facilities

The photo above shows Tarkett carpet installed in the Navasota ISD NELC building.


  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Carpet

  • Laminate

  • Wood

  • Rubber & Accessories

  • Artificial Turf

  • Tracks

Special thanks to Ms. Foster for her enthusiasm in helping GLS continue to produce the best education facilities across Texas!

The photo to the left shows Tarkett Johnsonite Base installed in the Navasota High School building.


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