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Construction Update: Lufkin ISD New Middle School

Project Overview

In early October of 2020, Lufkin ISD broke ground at the site of the new Lufkin Middle School. The original campus consists of multiple separated buildings with nearly 100 entrances into the school, providing little way to secure students. In order to solve the issue of security as well as space, the new building will allow for all students to be under one roof, with card reader access into the building that will house over 100 classrooms.

The project has been separated into 3 phases in order to allow students to attend school during construction. Phase 1 which consists of areas "A", "B", and "C" has an expected completion for the Fall of this year. Area A focuses on the wing that will host the 7th and 8th grade classrooms while Area B includes the practice gym, 7th and 8th grade locker rooms and weight room. The final portion of Phase 1, known as Area C will be comprised of the new competition gym and associated locker rooms.

Phase 2 will include the development of areas "D" through "K", expected to be completed next year, during the Fall semester of 2022. Upon completion, the following portions of the building will be finished: main admin offices, 6th grade classroom wing, cafeteria, art & coding classrooms, auditorium entry and restrooms, theater and dressing rooms, fine arts classrooms and elective classrooms.

The final phase of the project will concentrate on the construction of the SPED wing and media center as well as the renovation of the existing gym.

Construction Update

As of last week, the foundation has been poured for the 2-story 7th and 8th grade classroom wing (Area "A"). Steel has been erected for Area "A" and the second floor has been poured as well. Duct work is expected to begin soon.

Completed Photos

Over the course of our firm's history we have been able to support the City of Lufkin's community and school district through various projects such as building renovations, street rehabilitations and more. However, this particular project has hit home with many of our team members who not only live in Lufkin currently, but attended the very school that will be renovated in the upcoming months. "It has been such an honor to get to work on a project where I actually walked the halls the last year it was a high school. My daughters will also attend school here, and that makes it pretty special as well." said GLS Project Architect Courtney Kelly, R.A.


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