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Project Update: Giddings ISD Administration Annex Building

Giddings ISD recognized the need to expand their administration in order to provide the best resources for students with special needs and thus initiated the Administrative Annex Building Project in 2020. With a flourishing Special Services team, the new building will be used to house the educational diagnosticians on staff, as well as a speech language pathologist, special education director, and special education administrative assistants. As experts in academic testing requirements, teaching methods and learning disabilities, the District's diagnosticians are to assess the needs of students and develop plans to better meet that need.

Dirt work for the new building began at the end of October 2020 and steel for the building was delivered to the site in December. Construction was completed at the end of June. The District's administration is currently in the process of setting up the new offices in preparation for the 2021-2022 school year.

Totaling 3,180 SF, the building consists of:

- 9 offices

- Conference room

- Men and women's restrooms

- Waiting area

- File room

- Break Room

- Custodian Closet

- IT Room


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