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Project Update: Huntington ISD

In July of this year, Huntington ISD opened up bidding to re-roof the Intermediate and High school. With a total of 8 bidders, Carney Roofing of Nacogdoches, Texas was awarded the job by the Huntington ISD school board. Carney Roofing was the low bid on the project, and will complete the work below the budget set by the school board. The need for re-roofing the two buildings arose due to the deterioration of existing roof drains, scuppers and down spouts as seen above. A single ply membrane roofing system will be installed and the roof drains, scuppers and down spouts will be repaired.

The project consists of reroofing a total of 187,000 sf between the Intermediate School and the High School building. Work began in early August, as teachers began to come back to the campus to prepare for the Fall semester. Starting with the High School at 125,000 sf, approximately 40 squares of deck board were laid per day in order to minimize noise and distraction in classrooms as students returned to school in late August.

The photo below shows the portions of the High School roof currently completed, with two sections remaining. The intermediate School is 62,000 sf and will be the last building in Huntington ISD to be re-roofed. Completion of this project as a whole is scheduled prior to December 1st.


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