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Masonry: Detailing for Problem-Free Projects

We recently hosted a virtual Lunch and Learn with Ms. Lyons from Best Block, a construction materials company with various locations​ across the U.S.. Best Block manufactures segmented retaining walls as well as architectural and standard block. These products are often used for landscape purposes, columns, walkways, fireplaces and much more. In the Mart ISD Campus Improvement Project, we were able to incorporate Best Block products into the design of the new high school facility.

"Barb Lyons with Best Block provided good reminders when specifying masonry colors such as source material and its' affect on end masonry pigmentation as well as weep hole application and how appropriate placement may affect the facilities end aesthetic appeal". - Charlene Heath, PE, GLS Project Manager


The course provided a general understanding of Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) construction, moisture prevention and mold reduction methods, available aesthetic options and insulation strategies as well as the most recent changes to ASTM C-90.


  1. How to select and specify masonry colors in order for the project to meet designer and owner expectations

  2. How to specify masonry sample panels on projects to ensure that the project is built in compliance with the designer's aesthetic and quality requirement

  3. How to specify integral water repellents in both block and mortar to resist moisture penetration

  4. How to specify and detail various flashing and weep systems in masonry wall assemblies for moisture penetration resistance

"The masonry specification and detailing presentation is helpful for those who are not familiar with the basics of masonry wall construction, as well as a good refresher for flashing requirements." - Jennifer Sitton, GLS Architectural Designer

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