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Completed Project: Richards ISD - Facility Upgrades

In May of 2021, the community of Richards passed a $6.9 million bond for campus wide facility upgrades. Built in 1966, the campus' main building had not received any major renovations or upgrades over the years. However, with the growth of the school district and the desire to improve its sports program, a new facility along with additions and upgrades to current buildings were needed. Current facility upgrades included renovations to the existing administration and cafeteria building's interior with new flooring, lights and paint throughout. In addition, new ADA student and staff restrooms and an ISS (In School Suspension) space were added to the building.

An awning was installed to provide a covered entry and protection from weather for student drop off and pickup at the entrance to the school. Corridors were built to connect the new competition gym (Building A) to the existing administration/cafeteria building (Building B) and the elementary school (Building C).

Construction began in September of 2022 and wrapped up in October of 2023.

Renovations and new building construction included the following:

New Competition Gym (Building A)

  • 388 Seats + 78 alternate seats

  • Boys coach office

  • Girls coach office

  • Covered porch

  • Concessions stand

  • Storage room

  • Men and women restrooms

  • Art classroom

  • Science lab classroom

Existing Administration & Cafeteria Paint/Flooring/Ceiling Renovations (Building B)

  • Cafeteria

  • Kitchen

  • Kitchen director's office

  • Pantry

  • 2 Sets of boys and girls restrooms

  • Wash area

  • 2 ISS rooms

  • Custodial room

  • Stage

  • Dressing room

  • Superintendent's office

  • Counselor's office

  • Conference room

  • Principal's office

  • Nurse's office

  • Reception area

  • Teacher work room

  • 8 classrooms

  • Library

Elementary School Additions (Building C)

  • 2 Classrooms

  • 2 Storage areas

  • Boys and Girls restrooms


  • Billy Ballow, R.A. (Project Manager, Architecture)

  • James Light, P.E. (Civil Engineering)

  • Jennifer Wedgeworth, R.I.D. (Interior Design)

  • Eddie Morgan, P.E. (MEP Engineering)

  • Elizabeth Goodwin, P.E. (Structural Engineering)


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