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Completed Project: Dime Box ISD 2020 Campus Improvements

In the fall of 2019, the community of Dime Box approved a $3 million bond to address the needs and safety of its students. The bond project focused on three areas of campus: the high school gym, a new commons building and the school's front entrance. Prior to the campus improvements, the gym was outdated, the elementary school, high school and cafeteria buildings were not connected, and the campus did not have a centralized entrance.

A commons building was constructed in

order to connect the existing high school with the existing elementary school and cafeteria buildings. Wall-hung canopies were used to bridge the entrances from the commons building to each existing building. In addition to acting as a connector between various buildings, the commons building serves as a classroom facility with boys and girls restrooms to provide ADA restrooms. Two unisex bathrooms were added to the commons building to provide restrooms accessible by the playground.

To create a centralized entrance to the school and direct traffic through the administration's lobby while providing a secure entry, a hanging canopy and tower were constructed. The new canopy and brick tower meet ADA requirements and designate the double doors to the lobby as the school's main entryway. In addition, the parking lot located directly in front of the entrance was renovated to provide ADA parking. The interior of the lobby was left in its present condition including the doors, walls and carpet.

The largest improvement made to the campus was the renovation of the high school gym. A new wood floor displaying the school's logo and correct colors was installed along with a carpet strip at the backside of the out-of-bounds line for a "run off" area. New wall pads, sound insulation boards, light fixtures, and telescoping bleachers were installed in the gym. In addition, new main and side court goals were installed, and the interior of the gym was painted.

"The interior of the gym and high school were updated with new finishes brightening those spaces with school color accents. We hope students and teachers enjoy the changes for years to come!" - Jennifer Wedgeworth, R.I.D

GLS Project Team

- Billy Ballow (Architect, Project Manager)

- Jennifer Wedgeworth, R.I.D. (Interior Design)

- Eddie Morgan, P.E. (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer)

- Larry Lasiter, P.E. (Structural Engineer)

- James Light, P.E. (Civil Engineer)


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