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Construction Update: Navasota ISD Campus Improvements Project

In 2017, a bond was issued to meet the needs of Navasota ISD and cover the renovations, remodeling, additions and construction of new buildings on the various campuses. The initial bond considered two proposals: Proposition A and Proposition B. Proposition A was to update and add classrooms, replace roofs and HVAC systems as well as add science labs and a vocational building for a total of $55 Million. Proposition B was intended to transfer $6.145 Million of the Maintenance and Operation Budget towards the bond budget. In total, the proposed bond including both propositions totaled over $61 Million. With the bond approved, our firm began drawings for the project in 2017, and in 2018 construction began. The project consists of 5 phases:

Phase 1: Navasota Education Learning Center (NELC), NISD Workforce Building, and John C. Webb Elementary

Phase 2: Navasota High School renovations, CATE Addition and High School Vo-Tech building renovations

Phase 3: Brule Elementary School, High Point Elementary

Phase 4: Rock Gym, Auxiliary Gym, and new Ag Facility

Phase 5: Brosig Auditorium

When constructed, the NELC building originally served as a grade school building. Overtime, the building was modified to house in school suspension (ISS) and a Head Start Program. Phase 1 began with the NELC in order to renovate the building to better accommodate the security needs of the Head Start Program. In addition, the remainder of the building is now being utilized as a computerized learning environment for students who desire to complete a high school education in a more flexible atmosphere. A total of 43,680 sq. ft. was renovated.

Phase 2 renovated 25,680 sq. ft. of the High School, 5,000 sq. ft. of the High School Vo-Tech building and added 15,880 sq. ft. with the addition of the CATE building. The existing high school was originally built in the 1970’s and had outdated student labs. The renovation of the building focused on updating the labs and providing a black box theater room, an ISS room and two additional classrooms within the existing high school. In the existing Vo-Tech building, renovations included three standard classrooms, an auto-tech area, industrial tech area, welding room, vet-med small animal classroom, and a floriculture classroom. The new CATE building will offer classes for students who wish to follow career paths outside of attending traditional college. The CATE building will include:

- 7 new full equipped science lab classrooms

- Cosmetology classroom with lab

- Culinary arts classroom with lab

- Healthcare science classroom with lab

- Law enforcement classroom

- Engineering lab

- 2 Audio/Visual classrooms

- Audio/Visual Studio

- 2 Computer programming classrooms

The focus for High Point Elementary in Phase 3 is to create a new secure entry system to enable office personnel to communicate with visitors requesting entrance to the building. In addition, our team designed a 10 classroom addition to accommodate incoming pre-k and kindergarten students, along with two additional Life Skills rooms created to provide an enhanced learning environment. In total, the new classrooms will add 15,600 sq. ft. to the elementary school.

Also included in Phase 3 of the project, Brule Elementary school will not only renovate portions of the school, but will add on to the existing building. Our team not only designed a new entry way to provide security and enhance street presence, but also designed the cafeteria and kitchen which is being renovated as well. Our team not only designed a new secure entry to the school and enhanced its’ street presence, but is in the process of renovating the cafeteria and kitchen as well. Once completed, the cafeteria will be able to accommodate more students, and will also include an addition for extra seating with a total of 6,200 sq. ft.. The school in its’ entirety will have a new wing with a total of 8 new classrooms and a large breakout area.

Phase 4 includes Rock Gym, a basketball court that was constructed in the early 1900’s. The gym has not been in use for several years and has been in urgent need of repair. Instead of tearing it down and rebuilding in its’ place, the community voted to save the building, renovate it and allow it to be used as an elementary gym for the adjacent elementary school. Furthermore, an addition for public restrooms and concessions will be constructed to service the adjacent soccer field. There were two additions that had been added to the building years ago, but did not match the historic style of the building, therefore they were removed and a new addition will be constructed in their place, to match the style of the existing building. The total renovations of the building include 6,036 sq. ft. and the additions will be a total of 1,366 sq. ft.

The final phase of Navasota ISD’s campus improvement projects focuses on Brosig Auditorium, which also included both renovations and additions. The renovations with include dressing rooms, a larger stage area, a room for prop storage, a sound booth, and ADA standard restrooms. The addition to Brosig Auditorium will include three additional dressing rooms, ADA standard restrooms and a storage prop workshop.

Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been completed with the final three phases all currently under construction. (Photos shown for Phases 3, 4 and 5 are renderings of the completed project.) Throughout the project’s development we have maintained the approved allowance, and expect to complete the project on par with the budget. The project is expected to be completed in full before end of year 2021.


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