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Construction Update: Redwater ISD Campus Improvements

Redwater ISD strives to "inspire high personal expectations so all will experience their full potential and rise above the ordinary". Because of their mission, the District initiated a campus improvements project in order to better service their students and provide an environment conducive to high performance, creativity and learning. The existing high school and band hall along with the construction of a brand new high school are the major areas of focus for the project due to the limited capacity of the existing structures. Construction is expected to be completed prior to the start of 2021.

Construction on the band hall consists of adding two rooms on to the existing building. Brick for the band hall addition has been laid and the ceiling grid has been put in place. Above the ceiling, MEP work is in progress, the additional rooms are being climatized and electricity will be flowing in the upcoming weeks. The band hall is on track to be completed before the start of the 2021 spring semester, with the rest of the project.

With the EIFS installed, the exterior of the new high school is nearly complete. The builders are finalizing the last portion of the roof, while the remaining external work is focused on storm sewers, canopy installation and parking lot paving. In the upcoming weeks, glass will be installed and the interior of the new school will be painted. Lockers, doors and other fixtures have not yet been installed. The new high school building will have 11 classrooms in total to host students from grades 9-12.

Improvements to the existing high school have been completed and as such students have returned to in-person classes. The greatest improvement to the existing high school is the renovated cafeteria consisting of new flooring, light fixtures, paint and more. (Photos shown are of the renovated cafeteria)

Overall, the major remaining items to be completed for the campus' new additions are the final coats of paint, resilient flooring and millwork. Our team at GLS has truly enjoyed working with Redwater ISD to improve the campus for students, teachers and the community as a whole. We take pride in providing a better learning environment for current and future generations and look forward to welcoming the Dragons to their new home.

**To view more photos of the renovated high school cafeteria, see the slideshow below.


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