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Team Member Highlight: Tamesha Root, R.I.D.

Spearheading our interior design department, Tamesha joined our team in 2001 as GLS' first Registered Interior Designer practicing interior design full time. Prior to that time, our firm did not have an established interior design department or an RID professional to concentrate solely on designing interiors. Having run her own interior design business for nearly 23 years before becoming the Director of the Interior Design Department, she not only brought years of design experience to our team, but experience in project management and residential design as well. Tamesha became a Principal of our firm in 2008.

Although the majority of her life has been spent living in Lufkin, Tamesha has lived in both San Antonio and Austin. As a child, she moved with her family from San Antonio, Texas to Karachi, Pakistan where she lived for 2.5 years. While in Austin, she attended the University of Texas and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin State University. When asked why she chose to become an interior designer, Tamesha said "Since I was a child I had wanted to become an interior designer. When I started school at UT, my major was interior design and although that specific school was not right for me, I had a passion for that career field and am grateful to have been able to pursue it at SFASU and receive my degree. I always loved design, color and creating surroundings that make people happy."

Tamesha opened her practice in 1978 and 1993 became a professionally Licensed Interior Designer, continuing to practice primarily residential design. A personal acquaintance of co-founder Philip Goodwin, she was aware that our firm was looking to expand services and was offered the position as head of the department. "I was ready for a change in my career, but not a total change in direction. GLS seemed like the perfect step for a new direction within the design industry, offering the opportunity to design for commercial properties. I have thoroughly enjoyed designing for school districts throughout East Texas and Central Texas. The list of schools is growing and every project has unique characteristics, challenges, and opportunities that have not only helped me grow as a professional, but have made my love for what I do continue to thrive."

When asked what she liked most about her department, she said "We are a close group that works very well together - we talk through our projects and share personal stories - we are just a happy little trio!" With nearly 43 years of experience in the industry, we asked Tamesha what her favorite part of being an interior designer was and she responded, "I like all parts! - but mostly watching a project come to fruition, and the owner seeing the final result of our hard work... and them being happy!"

Celebrating 20 years with our firm, Tamesha has provided designs for countless projects ranging from school districts and corporate offices to medical facilities and religious institutions. The following projects exhibit Tamesha's diverse design background:

  • Temple Cancer Center - Has a customized Craftsman design including furnishings and a large stained glass ceiling design. "The idea was to create beautiful surroundings for the patients that are going through difficult treatments." - Tamesha

  • The Children's Clinic - "Was designed to be colorful and happy through the use of fun and unique design elements." - Tamesha

  • Harts Bluff Little Red School House - Designed to look like a little red schoolhouse with a very modern interior. "It is a fun environment that we were able to create for young children with lots of color and an 'outdoor feel' in their commons/play space, which included a life size artificial oak tree!" - Tamesha


Her two granddaughters are teaching her all of the new Disney characters, including Elsa and Ana!

Q. IF you had to listen to one album (or song) on repeat for a year, what would it be?

A. Watermark album by Enya

Q. If you were a superhero, what would be your super power?

A. To heal all illness and feed the hungry

Q. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A. Titanic


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