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All the World's a Stage...

Well, in this case the World is actually East Texas, and the stage is a literal one off of Highway 79 near the Louisiana-Texas border.

If it has been some time since you have been through Carthage Texas, you may want to take a quick drive by Carthage ISD. In the last several years the campus has undergone significant changes. From a new elementary school, renovations of both the Junior High and High school, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities, Carthage is an exemplary school displaying leadership stemming from their faculty and community. The Carthage Auditorium is nearing completion, and while this auditorium in an extension of the campus it will also act as a host to various community services and shows. With a capacity of over two thousand, organizations such as the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame have already expressed interest in the site as being the next host for the TCM Awards in 2018.

More pictures of the completed project will be coming soon, but for now check out the teaser images above. Feel free to view some of our other beautiful projects for other schools and communities here.

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