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Goodbye Age-Old Stalls, Hello Aria Partitions

We are all familiar with the age-old bathroom stalls that provide little privacy to the user. With large gaps between the door and panels, doors that do not come within a foot of the floor and low durability, most people avoid using public restroom stalls at all costs. As a firm that deals with many public structures such as schools and city buildings, privacy as well as aesthetic is important. Thus, in order to provide the best for our clients, we hosted Randy Box with Southwest Architectural Sales earlier this year for a lunch and learn regarding privacy in today's public restrooms.

Mr. Box's presentation focused on the use of Scranton products such as Aria Partitions to replace the antiquated bathroom stalls that people across the globe are familiar with. From 17 different door designs, 7 panel designs and 27 different colors and textures, Aria Partitions offers a wide selection for commercial projects. The partitions are more durable, easier to clean and eliminate gaps through the use of HDPE. Due to the seamless design and floor support of the dividers and doors, installation is simple.

"We were interested in learning more about Aria Partitions from Scranton because we work with so many different schools and the functionality as well as overall design is crucial to each project. I liked the ability to engrave the doors because it gives us the option to include the school logo in more aspects of the school than before. In addition, the increased privacy facilities will be able to offer because of this product will be a major benefit. We are looking forward to using Aria Partitions in upcoming projects." - Jennifer Sitton, R.I.D.

Mr. Box continues to provide us with information and updates regarding Scranton products including the images displayed. At GLS, our team is always seeking to provide the best design and architectural projects for our clients. Our professionals such as Jennifer Sitton, R.I.D. seeks out company reps in order to update our project specifications with the best products on the market and increase her knowledge to better meet and exceed client expectation. With the help of Mr. Box, GLS is continually provided with information and updates regarding Scranton products, including images (as displayed).

Images belong to Scranton Products, and are a product of Scranton Products development.

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