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Construction Update: Woden ISD New Jr. High, Tennis Courts & Gym Addition

The community of Woden ISD passed a bond for $8.6 Million in May of 2019 for district-wide security upgrades, a new junior high school and various renovations to the existing junior high building. In addition, the bond will also provide 2 new tennis courts. Renovations to the campus as a whole will include adding a stage to the existing elementary school gymnasium, remodeling the high school entryway and redesigning the interior of the existing middle school.

The existing middle school was built in the 70's and is near capacity in each of the classrooms. Woden ISD will host junior high school students in both the new building and the existing building, as well as provide expanded spaces for their special services department. The new school building will be 24,500 SF and will offer middle school students 15 classrooms for use. Of those 15 classrooms, one will be set up as a science lab and another will be used as a computer lab. In addition, administrative offices will also be located in the new building, complete with a teacher's work room, conference room and a counselor's office.

The interior of the new middle school was designed with a black and gold color palette incorporated throughout the flooring patterns, wall tiles and ceiling elements. "One component that our team was excited to incorporate in the school are the ceiling elements used at significant corridor intersections. Charcoal, linear, felt "blades" will be suspended below bright yellow-gold ceilings to emulate the youthful and vibrant school spirit of the students and staff." - Director of Interior Design, Tamesha Root, R.I.D.

Construction began on the new junior high in May of 2020, along with the renovations to the existing junior high school building. Both the junior high renovations and new tennis courts have been completed including the lighting, fencing and bleachers surrounding the courts. The project is expected to be completed in full as of October 2021.

GLS Team Members

  • Hudson Henderson, Architect (Project Manager, Architect)

  • Tamesha Root, R.I.D. (Lead Interior Designer)

  • Jennifer Wedgeworth, R.I.D. (Interior Designer)

  • Pat Oates, P.E. (Civil Engineer)

  • Eddie Morgan, P.E. (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineer)

  • Benjamin Miller, R.L.A. (Landscape Architect)


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