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Learning with Trespa

Photo resourced from Trespa

Colton Brooks, a rep for Trespa delivered a phenomenal presentation to our GLS team a few weeks ago. Trespa is a premier developer of the components for exterior siding and decorative facades. Based out of the Netherlands, the company has a standing history of producing reliable planks and panels for over 50 years. Trespa developed proprietary Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology in order to create a closed surface through the use of high-energy electrons.

Our team of architects and designers are excited to use Trespa panels in upcoming projects!


  1. Identification of HPL Material and Properties

  2. Fundamentals of Rainscreen Principles

  3. System Applications

  4. What is HPL

  5. Manufacturing Process

  6. Rainscreen Properties


  • Weather resistant and color stable

  • Long life performance

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

  • Solid and sturdy

  • Allows for ultimate design freedom

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