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Lunch & Learn: Sherwin Williams

After more than a year of only participating in webinars to continue our team's education, our branch office in Bryan was able to host our first in person lunch and learn. Last month, Sherwin Williams' Architectural Account Executive Joy Babur presented "Paint 201: High Performance Coatings for Commercial Spaces" to our Bryan team. As the largest retailer of paint, Sherwin Williams has been a leader in their industry for over 150 years. Not only do they provide paint and coatings for numerous projects both big and small, but they continue to develop technology to support surfaces and protect against environmental challenges.

Mrs. Babur did a phenomenal job of explaining the conditions that drive coating selection and the additional factors that influence specifications for various applications. Two of the coatings that she covered - architectural and high-performance - applied directly to the needs of our firm. Architectural paints and coatings are traditional paints for normal environmental conditions such as offices, common areas and guest rooms. High-performance paints and coatings are for high aesthetic, high traffic and high exposure environments such as hotels, laboratories, commercial kitchens and schools. Our architecture team was able to use high-performance paints from Sherwin Williams in projects such as the Mart ISD 2019 Campus Improvements Project (seen above) and Somerville ISD New Elementary Building & Baseball Field Project (seen below).

High-performance coatings are preferred for projects such as schools due to their outstanding stain resistance and quick dry times. In comparison to architectural coatings, high-performance paints provide protective layers against harsher environments and with Sherwin Williams' innovative technology, some performance paints are able to provide higher air quality.

Mrs. Babur also covered different coating systems for various types of substrates, innovated coating technologies and how high-performance coatings can contribute towards green building certifications. "Joy was an absolute 'joy' to have in our office! She was quick, smart and engaging. After viewing products and presentations on a screen for so long, it was great to have the chance to interact directly with a rep and host them in our office." - Joseph Garavito, Architectural Drafter


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